Hey y’all! After taking a much needed break from this blog i have come back with such excitement and fresh new ideas on what i want to do with my life, with this blog, and my family. I first want to explain why i took this much needed break. It started with reading and listening to everyones suggestions and comments about my blog sounding so depressing. Welp i started this blog while i was dealing with depression and anxiety so yeah you probably could sense some depression while reading my posts. So good job y’all! I also starting believing that i was not relatable to anyone. No one was going to care what i had to say or if i was going to be helpful to anyone. I starting doubting myself and not putting in the effort anymore, I was believing my doubts and just wallowing in my own self pettiness. After some time off and I’ll be honest some much needed therapy, I realized that i do not need to be relatable to everyone and who gives a freakin crap about what everyone thinks?!?! If i am able to help just one mommy or women/young lady feel better about herself or give her a different perspective on something then my job here is successful. This blog is to simply share my opinions and my life. And I am not going to impress everyone in the entire world and i am okay with that. I do not need everyones approval. I am not afraid to speak my mind anymore and i will own it with pride and respect in myself. Its okay if we do not agree about everything, if you’re parenting style is different than mind..thats okay too. You gotta do what works best for you. Im not gonna force you to agree with me and change your mind. Your mind is your own, you have the right to change it or stick to what you want. I just want to be clear too, i respect anyone and everyones opinions and lifestyles. There’s no judgment here!

Thank you all so much and I am looking forward to what this new year brings!