“My identity rests solely and firmly on this: I am my mother’s daughter.”



      HEY Y’ALL! Okay so today I wanted to talk about being a girl mom. Normally you hear a lot of boy mom talk, see boy quotes, or about how rough it is and how exhausting it can be. But you also get all the wonderful aspects from it as well. You know what though?!?! I don’t think I ever see anything about being a girl mom except those Mommy and me matching outfits, and don’t get me wrong I love those and have a few in my closet! I mean girls are just the same as boys!!! Sure we get the fun girly side where they like to play with dolls, dress up and be princesses and of course wear those extremely cute tutus. But at the same time they fart, burp out loud, they play in the dirt and take the most stinkiest poops i have ever smelled!!!! I mean seriously! Being a girl mom has been very rewarding to me don’t get me wrong and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I am a mother of two beautiful girls and they are my everything but boy do they drive me crazy and give me a run for my money. Just yesterday I had to deal with my four year old throwing a temper tantrum in a shopping center outside on the side walk. She’s screaming, crying her eyes out, flailing around like a fish out of water all because she wanted the unicorn makeup in the store and we said no. Does that sound cute and fun? No it doesn’t. Or how about my two year old who is already missing a tooth because she was spinning in circles and lost her balance and hit the end table shattering her front tooth which later had to be removed completely! Yeah this whole girl thing isn’t always tiaras and tutus ladies. They get rough and dirty and crazy too.

Now look Im not complaining but I wanted to give you a small insight of life with daughters. Yes I enjoy dressing them up in pretty outfits, doing their hair and adding a huge bow in it, watching them pretend to be princesses and paint their nails and all things sweet and nice. But at the same time, I also dealt with their naked booty dances, chasing them to get their clothes on yelling HOLD STILL while I fought them through their giggles and them attempting to escape! I’ve woken up with my two year olds booty in my face on one side and on the other side the oldest still sleeping with drool running down her cheek, mouth wide open and snoring like a freight train in my ear. It ain’t that pretty! Some times I throw in the towel too mommies, I will leave their hair in their face with tangles in it. I’ll send my oldest to school in an outfit that doesn’t make any sense because thats what she wanted to wear. But hey it made her happy and boosted her confidence and when we see our kids happy thats what matters the most. Right Mommies? So my point is that i deal with the same kind of crazy stuff that a boy mom deals with, its not all glamorous as some might think it is.

In all honesty, I love being a girl mom. I love everything there is to this life and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Except maybe their farts should smell like roses. That would be a nice change.

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